Getting your kids involved!

Get your children involved in the cooking process and make it an interactive experience. Children LOVE to help and there are tons of things they can do in the kitchen, no matter what their age is! Getting them in the kitchen not only teaches them mathematics, sensory development, and social group skills but instills a sense of pride about the meal and will make them excited to eat it!

Make the meal a fun learning experience. If you are trying my "Guatemalan Pollo en Pina" recipe, then take some time to get out a world map and find out where Guatemala is, look up what pollo en pina means in a Spanish dictionary, or download some fun music from that region! Learn about the culture of the region you are going to eat and talk about what new foods you are going to try.

Making mealtimes fun and enjoyable is key to having success at the dinner table. If your child is still not willing to try the meal, don't give up! Keep offering healthy and diverse foods and they will learn to eat those foods! Don't try to use force, bribery or threats to get them to try their food either-- these techniques usually backfire and can cause stress and fear in your children that can lead to anxiety about eating.

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